16 Feb 2011

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Being sick is never fun. Well, having the flu is not the end of the world, but it is annoying. My flu was one of those endless ones. Okay, probably it wasn't, but it felt like that. And I was trapped in our apartment.

But in the end it wasn't all bad. Even though I felt miserable I tried to make myself to focus on something I always want to do, but never seem to have "the time" or patience, cause there's always something "more important" to do. So I took my first steps building my dream. I started to create and plan. Really do something. And the funny thing is, that even though I was too tired to do anything else, I somehow had the energy to concentrate on something I feel passion about. I guess that's why I can call it my passion.

Inspiration: Temperley London

9 Feb 2011

Erdem. I'm in love.

I love lace. I guess you can tell it by the name of the blog. Erdem spring 2011 collection has some really beautiful lace dresses that you just have to have!(Or in my case, dream about them).
There are also some lovely flower print pieces that can't get anymore feminine than that. Makes you want to have summer NOW!

And some flowery pieces:

4 Feb 2011

This is the year

I need to get a grip and really really start doing this blog and start building my dream! I'm always just holding back and waiting for something to happen that would push me forward. I'm done with waiting. Nothing will ever happen if I just wait. Wait for what really?

How can anything happen if I won't do something? Okay, from this moment on I have to make myself to promise, that this will be the year when I start catching my dream. It's time. I know I want it. I can almost feel it. Now I just have to trust and believe, that I can create it. Create something to this world that could bring happiness and beauty. That I want.

Last year was amazing. I had the best day of my life in August. I will never forget it. I got to marry the man I love. The best year really. Now I just have to try to make this year almost as good as the last....just in a different way. Let's see what happens :)

11 May 2010

Temperley London

Temperley is still one of my favorite designers. These dresses show why.

Dress Hunt

After I got engaged I realized I have to start looking for a wedding dress. I already had images in my head about "my dress". I had done my homework before I even knew I was getting married ;)  But I knew that the reality would probably be that I wouldn't find my kind of dress in Finland, not to mention the price... Yep, the dresses that I had been looking through internet were designer dresses and out of my reach. But I thought I would give it a try and went to different wedding shops. Things didn't look good at all. There was lot of pretty dresses, but no for me. I was giving up. But to my surprise this one wedding shop had few dresse that caught my eyes. They weren't exactly what I was hoping to find, but close to it. I found my dress. It was for me. Even though I had to give up on the wedding dresses like these:

First: Vera Wang Bridal Spring 2010
Second: Monique Lhuillier Bridal Spring 2010
Third: Amsale Blue Label Collection

10 May 2010

Pieces to adore

You have probably already seen these picture in someone else's blog. But I thought I might as well show you these beautiful accessories. These are mady by Jennifer Behr. I love these pieces!! Simple but beautiful! (Hopefully someday I will create something like that!). They will bring something extra to a wedding dress. Definitely when you have simple dress that needs that something.

Too traditional....

The problem with living in a country like Finland is that there isn't that many wedding shops. Even though we are next to Sweden and other "fashion countries", the wedding shops I've found here are too traditional for me. I don't want traditional Finnish wedding... I want something extra. I want to get out of the basic wedding pattern and bring new ideas from the world into "Finnish wedding thinking".
I'll try to show you what I mean....